Thursday, October 13, 2005

Lab # 4 Servo -in- Motion

Here is the setup for the servo lab assignment. Programmed the chip - it's O.K. At first the movement was minimal
but it was only powered with a 500ma DC supply. I changed it to a 1000ma supply but it still didn't work too well.
I repositioned the leads of the servo, fired it up (ha) and with Charles' help, captured this potentiometer / servo synchronized movement.
( Thanks to Arly for technical assistance.)

I'm trying to figure out how to compress the mpg file in HP Image Zone so I can load the Servo-in-Motion movie....and.....(days pass).. now, I Decided to provide a link through my page from Sound Design for the Web for the Servo QT movie:
Servo-in-Motion !
(you may experience trouble when using firefox to view this clip)


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