Friday, October 21, 2005

Lab # 5 Serial Out Read in Processing

Here's the setup for Serial to Processing readout.
Serial / USB adapter, potentiometer and RB6 Led (lit green closest to PIC). At first there was no readout through the tracking program in Processing and I thought it might be the cable/adapter. I found that the Device Manager assigned port COM 5 for the USB/Serial. When I changed the program to read COM 5 it didn't work either. Same for COM 4. After that I changed it to COM 1 ( same as read in Hyperterminal) and then TX/RX indicators on the adapter started flashing , data started comming in varied by the pot and the green square started tracking the pot.

Light 242
Slide 181
Button 0
Accumulation 728, 727, 0

Light 110~111
Slide 83
Button 0
Accumulation 333, 332, 0


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